evidence of understood but irreplicable interactions is a projection of three stop motion videos onto three separate foil wrappers. The stop motion videos were compiled from photographs of several screen printed wrappers from another installation, there's something so wrong about dying in spring, and my own manipulations by hand. Each video is looped at a slow and then faster rate, and projected onto a single, 4 inch x 4 inch un-printed and un-manipulated foil wrapper that is the same material as those in the imagery.

The foil wrappers that are hung in this piece, like other materials I work with, have a very specific and unique future. I attempt to reference the future of the wrappers by leaving each actual wrapper nearly untouched, pinned at the top to a fabric-covered wall. Its surface echoes the earlier state of those projected wrappers, but also considers the manipulated state of the projected wrappers––which may or may not be part of the actual wrapper’s near or distant future. Even if those manipulations are part of the actual wrapper’s future, its manipulated state would never be precisely the same as that which is projected.

 © 2020 by Grace Marie DeWitt, visual artist

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