an equalizing space (living together) consisted of two aluminum foil sheets suspended from the ceiling in a satellite gallery. each sheet of foil was about as wide as an average person, and hung about 7.5 feet high. the sheets were hung just far apart that someone might pass between them. a video projection was mapped onto the foil sheets. the room had four speakers that emitted two different soundscapes. the first soundscape was closest to the entrance to the room and farthest from the foil. this soundscape was comprised of ambient human sounds. the second soundscape, closest to the foil sheets, emitted higher-pitch, material sounds. blackout fabric was sewn so as to completely cover the top of the gallery space. air circulation in the space caused the foil to gently move and audibly rustle. 

an equalizing space (living together) considers a material's state of perception, and resists inventing its state of action.

an equalizing space (living together); industrial grade aluminum foil, projection mapping, audio from surround speakers; dimensions variable; 2018.

an equalizing space