vox la•cu•nae [latin] [plural]

gaps or unfilled spaces in speech/language/tone/words/expression

Gaps are natural: a language can have many words to name a thing, or none at all. A language can be culturally separate from visual art, or seamlessly united.

Gaps are constructed: a language can be used as a tool in one place, or as a weapon in another. A language can be one person's right, and another person's privilege.

VOX LACUNAE brings attention to the boundaries between written, spoken, and visual language. Considering those who traverse these boundaries in our globalized era, the exhibition also asks: to what extent does emotion, intent, and voice, transcend these gaps?

Featuring the work of Sobia Ahmad, Sera Boeno, Marta Gutierrez, Nilou Kazemzadeh, Jason Kuo, Kim Llerena, and Yuli Wang.

 © 2020 by grace marie dewitt, visual artist

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