i can only describe how it seemed was installed in a closet-turned-to-blackbox. it featured over 400 feet of screen printed silver mylar tape, hung around the closet’s walls. a video was projection mapped onto the tape, which was pressed smoothly in some places and carefully strewn in others––sometimes wrinkling, folding, and criss-crossing. the image printed on the tape was originally printed on aluminum foil, then manipulated, re-photographed, and re-printed onto the tape.


the final visual effect of the installation was a glistening, abstracted pattern of crinkles that seemed to either burst out from the point of projection, or come together to form that point.


our language does not provide us with the words to properly explain non-human, material behavior. we can only approximate the poorly-understood and vastly-understated complexity of what we consider to be simple materials that behave simply, using abstracted comparisons and loose feelings.

i can only describe how it seemed, over 400 feet of screenprinted mylar tape and projection mapping, dimensions variable, 2018