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disposable materials are malleable, breakable, and still, they endure. they remind us what can be gained when pressure is applied: facets which reflect light, topographies pulled from flatness, and textures that evidence histories.


they offer a visual language about the acuity of incidents, the awkwardness of injury, and the sometimes undeserved trajectory of one’s experience.


this is a cast of a small squished can found on the road, lived alongside during the year 2020, then washed, shined, and slowly wrapped in paper. a tiny immortalization and minuscule validation; a very small lesson and a very silent interview with a simple but stunning thing.

fragility in practice (roadkill), paper cast and metallic ink, 10 x 10 in, 2020

sold as part of the 2020 Pyramid Atlantic 10 x 10 Invitational.

fragility in practice (roadkill)
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