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matter out of place is a converging point for meditations on time, mortality, preciousness, and order. the series of satellite installations, scattered in a house-turned-gallery, was built using personal possessions and items sourced from the installation site. it considers the dismissed “matter” that objects––regardless of sentimental value––suddenly become when they are no longer functional.

what does it look like when broken things have a prolonged place in the home?

can the mess of one’s mourning practice fit into the domestic space?

matter out of place (hallway closet); paper castings of broken car radio, worn-out spare wheel, empty beer can, expired antique license plate, and unused binder clip; antique radiator shell, rags, ladder, iodine, and streamer; projection mapping of two Nissan balloons caught in a telephone wire; dimensions variable; 2020

part of three installations at rhizome dc alongside the work of sifu sun and mikey cabezas (oct–nov 2020).

more documentation to come.

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