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softbodies is named after Rosi Braidotti’s use of the term “bodies”––to describe objects and matter as vessels that withhold a certain perceptive energy, though unconscious and existing differently than animate things––and “soft,” a term used colloquially and sometimes derogatorily to acknowledge a person’s sensitive or highly emotional nature.


in this series, i re-present images of disposable and discarded materials (often printed onto other, different or similar disposable materials) as an empathetic tool. the materials' inevitable vulnerability, the way that their surfaces reveal their histories, is resonant. the viewer serves as witness to aftermath, yet deprived from knowing circumstance. in these pieces, both futile and frustrating, the only thing that is known is the "what," not the "how," or the "why."

softbodies (a story told between trash and tinsel)
softbodies (damaged)
softbodies (to empty and to fill)
softbodies (studied abandon)
softbodies (to lose a tiny history)
softbodies (modelo)
softbodies (saran)
softbodies (blue no. 3)
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