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I use photography, videography, and drawing to redistribute agency and importance to discarded objects and materials. I work with the aftermath, detritus, and artifacts left over from unknowable actions and experiences. By documenting these objects, I attempt to recognize and connect to the past and future of that thing. I sympathize with materials as a way of piecing together my own ideas about existence, mortality, endurance, worship, perceptivity, vulnerability, emotional memory, worth, inevitability, interconnectedness, and humility.

I am moved by the residual kinship that humans share with the materials around them. After evolving from common matter, we now witness a geological epoch in which damage to this earth is irreversible. In a circumstance that forecasts demise for both living and nonliving things equally, I am compelled to believe that the connection of all things makes sense. I work in pursuit of a visual language for this interconnectivity: one which elevates materials beyond their relation to humans.


In the same way that a human’s experiences shape their personal mythology, how might the environments and interactions that an object experiences build a material mythology——a narrative of both life and death?

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